The Firm and FounderDesign Philosophy

Kunal Shah Architects, Ahmedabad

Kunal Shah Architects is Ahmedabad based Design Organization established in 2004. This firm is executing professional projects in the areas of Commercial Architecture and Interior Designing since then. It leverages more than a decade's expert experience of its principal architect, Mr. Kunal Shah.

The firm is proficiently equipped to handle projects of various types and magnitudes in areas of Architecture, Interior Design and Urban Planning. The firm handles all its projects professionally with profound philosophy of Client First. The firm has in-house Computer Aided Design, allied computer oriented facilities and competent staff to execute any project with quality output and ultimate client satisfaction. The firm is familiar with local and international codes & regulations.

The firm operates under the skilled & able direction of its principal architect, Mr. Kunal Shah, who personally ensures maintenance of high quality standards in the design, aesthetic and utility point of view.
At our firm, we believe that the Architecture is an art – an art of design, an art of planning. It holds in its hands new changes while holding the cultural and social values to their sane.

An architect is an artist who provides unique designs and with that, an engineer who possesses sound knowledge of trend, technologies & techniques, requirements & resources to provide his services to his best.

Architecture is a form of variations; it varies from design to design, client to client. And that is the pillar of our philosophy. At our firm we understand that there is no one rule fits all. We understand our clients and their needs.

Mr. Kunal Shah, the Principal Architect of the firm, firmly believes in the complete sense of design that says "Design a thing by considering it in its larger content – a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in a community and a community in a city."

Based on this philosophy, the firm has executed and is executing numbers of commercial, residential, master planning and interior designing projects successfully. We respect social & cultural values, client requirements and with that, at planning and design level we know how to create an ambience from a small space.